Check4Cancer’s Prof Gordon Wishart Campaigns for Cancer Patients in the Press

Thu, 09/04/2020 - 11:24

Professor Gordon Wishart, Chief Medical Officer at Check4Cancer (a leading early cancer detection and cancer prevention company) and Visiting Professor of Cancer Surgery at Anglia Ruskin School of Medicine, is campaigning for cancer patients during the coronavirus pandemic. He was interviewed on the radio and in the Mail Online, discussing the impact of Covid-19 on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Prof Wishart appeared on The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning, explaining why it is crucial that the network of NHS and private hospital groups within the UK work together to ensure patients with different conditions receive the care they need.

He also spoke on The Emma Barnett Show on Radio 5 and Lunchtime Live on BBC Radio Scotland.

Prof Wishart was interviewed for two articles in the Mail Online, discussing his concerns over cancer patients facing delays to their diagnosis and treatment due to coronavirus.

See below for the full list of Prof Wishart's media interviews: