Front-line and Community Initiative to Support the Correct Use of COVID-19 PPE

Wed, 15/04/2020 - 14:32

A team of doctors have launched a website to support UK NHS healthcare workers (and hopefully beyond) in their practical training in the correct use of COVID-19 Personal Protection Equipment. provides area relevant expert tuition and training on PPE COVID-19, provides a multiple choice question test (MCQ) regarding the correct use of PPE, as well as Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Examiner Instructions for donning and doffing (in Key Resources). The website also provides PPE donning and doffing posters to download for your clinical area. The training favours a focus on where health workers actually work, a place-based approach, rather than on procedures.

Before launch the tuition and training videos for GP's have already been watched by almost 3000 health care professionals.

The project was led by Dr Matthew Butler, Consultant Geriatrician and General Physician with the infection control support from Drs. Elinor Moore, Christine Moodie and Theodore Gouliouris (all from Cambridge University Hospitals, CUH NHS Foundation Trust).

The project has the technical support from Amazon Web Services and SCC. Carlos Montes is project manager. Key support from Matthew Cockerill and Mike Bleazard are recognised. The project had the support of the CUH NHS Trust, great technical expertise provided by the local community (through an appeal made on my street Facebook page) and Amazon Web Services and SCC.

Dr Matt Butler, CUH FT, "This support from us, front-line health workers fighting COVID-19 and our local community, goes to other health workers around the country. Our aim is to do our bit to keep NHS staff safe."

For more information please contact:

Carlos Montes - Project Manager

Dr Matt Butler, CUH NHS FT