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Wed, 30/09/2015 - 11:00

Limassol, Cyprus, 30th September 2015 / Sciad Newswire / is excited to release details about the Healthcare administration stories featured in our upcoming journal. Leaders across all sectors of management in healthcare share their insights on hot topics giving readers plenty to think about in their decision-making.

The autumn quarterly issue focuses on the topical theme of Patient Power; the growing trend of placing the patient in a central position of power in their own healthcare. Without the patient, there would be no healthcare system.

The contemporary patient’s status has changed from one who passively accepts all the information their doctor tells them to one who has access to information.

In terms of administration, this direction is making itself felt in everything from staff training methods to the bedside manner of doctors.

In our next issue, Nicola Bedlington of the European Patients Forum in Belgium provides a rundown of a major campaign for patient empowerment that has just been launched.  The full name of the campaign is “Patient Empowerment Campaign: Patients Prescribe E5 for Sustainable Health Systems”

and it details ways in which patients can actively take a central role in the path of their healthcare.

The Internet and patient views also feature in the issue with Claire Pillar, Managing Editor of, taking a look at ‘Patient Portals in Practice’ and how they are working in the real world.

In addition to a selection of articles on Patient Power, our Matrix Management section features pieces that will give management leaders food for thought on a range of subjects.

Energy consumption is a hot topic in every sector, so why is it so frequently overlooked in hospitals? Simona Agger Ganassi of Policlinico Universitario Sant’Orsola in Italy and Angus Hunter from Optimat Ltd. In the UK present tough insights and encouraging findings on the need to prioritise healthcare energy saving.

Shirley Cramer of the Institute of Healthcare Management in the UK writes on the controversial Challenges of Integration in state healthcare.

In Compass, the euthanasia question is examined as key advocates for and against the practice update us on latest developments on what could be called the ultimate Patient Power: the choice to live or die.

Additionally, you will find the latest news in Imaging Management, Cardiology Management, Radiology Management, ICU Management as well as IT Management.

It’s edgy, it’s challenging and it’s jam packed with cutting-edge views from leading health managers. Don’t’ miss our Patient Power issue.



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