Unique Designs will be Popping up Like Mushrooms at the SynBioBeta SF 2015 Conference

Mon, 26/10/2015 - 14:00

San Francisco, USA, 26th October 2015 / Sciad NewswireEcovative and SynBioBeta announced today that they will be collaborating to provide fungal-derived stage materials including backdrops, decorations, and even chairs for the upcoming SynBioBeta SF 2015 that’s being held on November 4th - 6th at the Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco California.

The main stage display will be grown by Ecovative, a New York-based material science company that produces high performing and cost effective bio-based resins, bio-composites, and foam-like materials using mycelium. The stage display, designed by Jeff Betts, will feature 140 low density Mushroom Material tiles that highlight the artwork of Hugo Teixeira. The images will be laser engraved across the white foam-like tiles and assembled using a zero waste process with all repurposed materials. The stage will also feature large letters made of the Mushroom Material which have been cut to shape out of existing panels using water jet technology.

Made from agricultural waste and using fungal mycelium as a binding material, Ecovative is able to produce a wide range of renewable, eco-friendly materials from material which would otherwise simply be discarded. Their technology currently allows the production of alternatives to packing material and fibre board, with flexible biopolymers on the way.

“Ecovative's mushroom materials are demonstrating that biology as a manufacturing technology is alive and well' said John Cumbers, Founder of SynBioBeta. “The industry is seeing enormous growth right now in the area of sustainable biomaterials and I'm excited to see these live on stage at the conference.”

As such, SynBioBeta will be profiling Ecovative’s technology and business in a series of upcoming articles timed to correspond with the SynBioBeta SF 2015 conference. This conference will mix investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders in the rapidly growing field of Synthetic Biology for three days of networking and knowledge exchange. With over 80 industry speakers from companies ranging from startups to multi-nationals, and hundreds of attendees already registered, SynBioBeta expects that the conference will act as an activity hub for the synthetic biology industry.

“Biological Technology will transform the physical world in ways analogous to how microprocessors transformed the digital world. Ecovative is thrilled to both participate and support the SynBioBeta conference, which highlights the leading projects and people within this category. “ Said Eben Bayer, CEO of Ecovative. “We are excited to see this collaboration come to life on the stage and throughout the conference next month.”

For more details on the SynBioBeta SF 2015 Conference, you can visit their website at www.synbiobeta.com/conferences/synbiobeta-san-francisco-2015/. For questions regarding the conference or receiving a press pass, please contact Brittney Norris, Director of Marketing for SynBioBeta by phone at +1 412-671-1715, or by email at  brittney.norris@synbiobeta.com.


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About Ecovative

Founded in 2007, Ecovative is a materials science company developing a new class of home-compostable bioplastics based on mycelium, an organism akin to a living polymer. Ecovative’s high-performance products serve as environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional foam packaging, plywood, and other materials. Ecovative was incubated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Rensselaer, together with 3M Company and the DOEN Foundation, are significant investors in Ecovative. Ecovative has been recognized with numerous international awards for sustainability and “green” technologies, and was named a Tech Pioneer at the 2011 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Ecovative’s growth has been fuelled by grants, prizes, and support from key partners including the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance. For questions about Ecovative please contact Melissa Jacobsen at melissa@ecovativedesign.com.