Batavia Biosciences Receives Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Support Vaccine Availability in Developing Countries

Thu, 09/06/2016 - 13:45

Leiden, The Netherlands, and Woburn, MA, 9th June 2016 / Sciad NewswireBatavia Biosciences is committed to increasing vaccine availability and affordability for the developing world and has received a $3.8 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to fund this work. 

Despite many advances in manufacturing technologies in recent years, cost of manufacturing can still present a significant hurdle in the global supply of essential vaccines, such as Polio and Rotavirus vaccines. The work funded by this grant will reduce manufacturing costs of these key vaccines. In its advanced cell-line experience, Batavia Biosciences collaborates with Proventus Bio and their whole genome RNAi screening technology. The RNAi screening data allows Batavia Biosciences to utilize its gene editing technology and cell line expertise. This way, a range of new cell substrates can be generated which will be assessed for its manufacturing performance. Chris Yallop (CSO Batavia Biosciences) expects that “the new cell substrates can significantly increase production yield and thus enhance vaccine availability against reduced costs”.

Menzo Havenga (CEO Batavia Biosciences) adds: “It is extremely rewarding to be working with other best in class partners on a technology development that will have such significant impact in vaccine supply for those in need”.


Notes to Editors

Gene editing details
Batavia Biosciences will engineer cell substrates employing the CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) technology, targeted against identified genes. The CRISPR technology allows the editing of genomes with unprecedented precision, efficiency, and flexibility.
The CRISPR-associated Cas9 protein needs feeding with the right sequence: for this new approach, a 20 base pair guide RNA and the target DNA will be split. By using the cell’s own DNA repair mechanism, the gene will be altered and no longer expressed, allowing the generation of the new knock-out cell substrates.

About Batavia Biosciences
Batavia Biosciences aims to significantly contribute to ease human suffering from disease by improving the success rate in the translation of candidate medicines from discovery to the clinic. We offer our novel technologies and in-depth know-how in order to help our partners to complete preclinical phases in biopharmaceutical product development at higher speed, reduced cost and increased success. The company focuses on the early stages of product development including mammalian cell line generation, upstream process development (mammalian & microbial), purification development, product characterization and clinical manufacturing. Headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands, with a US-based facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, and offices in Hong Kong, Batavia Biosciences is privileged to have strong strategic partners worldwide. For more information on Batavia Biosciences please contact us or visit us at

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