Startups against coronavirus! Platform brings startups and companies together for solving critical challenges

Mon, 23/03/2020 - 11:15

Startups can share solutions on, published today, for acute challenges that companies face because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform is an offer from the Venture Client services provider 27pilots, that organizes cooperations with startups for companies like the BMW Group or the BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

Munich, Germany, 19th March 2020 / Sciad NewswirePractical support for companies in the corona crisis: the new platform created by the Venture Client services provider 27pilots helps companies to find startup solutions for their current problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic. How it works: companies can post issues they are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, ensuring more stable supply chains or workforce planning. Startups can post solutions matching the challenges or propose solutions for other challenges. Inquiries and approaches are examined by a task force of 27pilots and if it makes sense, the parties are connected. This is what 27pilots has years of experience with: the company deals with the cooperation between companies and start-ups and coordinates projects for customers, such as the BMW Group, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, the Bosch Group, Signal Iduna and LafargeHolcim.

“Every day, we see, that it is often solutions from startups that have the highest impact” said Gregor Gimmy, co-founder and managing director at 27pilots. “In this acute crisis, we want to give quick and efficient access to innovative startup solutions to any company. The underlying model is simple and has great advantages for companies and startups. In the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are struggling with numerous problems and need functional solutions in the shortest possible time, for example for supply chain management, financial or project management, health care and the establishment of mobile working methods and nationwide video conferencing systems. Innovative startups can often provide solutions quickly and pragmatically and help companies to achieve their goals despite a crisis situation. At the same time, startups have the opportunity to acquire new customers. Through this platform we want to help reduce the economic impact of the pandemic and enable startups to bring solutions quickly and effectively to market.”

A prominent example of the last days shows, that startups can provide answers to global challenges of the current situation: the Mainz-based startup Biontech, which is working on a vaccine against COVID-19, received the commitment of 120 million euros from a Chinese pharmaceutical company. aims to address both, small and large problems arising from the current crisis, in a structured manner. As of today, the platform is online and can be accessed via this ​link​.

About 27pilots
27pilots builds and operates Venture Client Units, with which the adoption of startup solutions in companies is made scalable. A Venture Client Unit is an internal department that operates according to the Venture Client model. The model enables companies to benefit strategically from startups without having to invest in them. The four managing directors Gregor Gimmy, Ana Carolina Alex, Matthias Meyer and Maximilian Marquart invented the Venture Client Model in 2015 while founding BMW Startup Garage ​—​ the first Venture Client Unit ever. In June 2018, they started 27pilots as a spin-off to enable further companies to set up and operate
Venture Client units. Well-known customers are the BMW Group, BSH Hausgeräte,
Bosch Group and LafargeHolcim.
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