About us

Sciad Newswire, part of Sciad Communications, is a dedicated news distribution service for life science and biotech companies. The newswire has been built to offer businesses a better alternative to using more broadly-based wire services. All too frequently, regular newswires don’t reach the specialist media publications that are essential reading for the audiences that biotech and life science companies need to reach. Instead, these newswires will give your news exposure on their partners’ many websites which at first glance looks like a successful outcome. However, on closer inspection, a lot of the coverage is published on sites that aren’t read by biotech and life science audiences and so is of little value, even in helping push up your website’s search engine rankings. To overcome this problem, we have developed the Sciad Newswire, carefully researched and built to reach both specialist journalists and relevant mainstream reporters across Europe, N. America and Asia. Since its launch in 2014 Sciad Newswire has quickly become established as a news source that journalists can trust for high quality content, helping to put your company on the map.

With more than 20 years’ experience working in healthcare and science communications we have unique and unrivalled databases of contacts who want to read and publish new developments for their readers.

For a quotation call +44 (0)20 3405 7892 and ask for Deborah Cockerill or Richard Anderson or email us at info@sciad.com.