The Future of Food

Thu, 05/01/2017 - 11:16

The start of a new year provides the opportunity to look at the upcoming events of 2017, and to get excited about what this year has to offer. One such event is the Future Food-Tech Summit taking place in San Francisco, March 29th - 30th 2017, as part of Rethink Ag and Food Innovation Week.

Food shortage is among the most pressing global challenges our society currently faces. When exacerbated by shortage of land for food production, it spells disaster for our future. Current research in the food-tech sector may contribute solutions, with innovation ranging from alternative proteins sourced from plants and algae, to lab cultured meat products.

Future Food-Tech promises to be a dynamic and stimulating event, focusing on innovations and technical challenges in this vibrant market. It will facilitate the creation of business relationships essential to transform ideas and ambitions into business success.

As an attendee, you will:

  • Gain critical intelligence on the hottest food-tech themes, from virtual reality to alternative proteins and the microbiome
  • Hear from global food brands: Get essential insights into their corporate strategy and explore opportunities for future partnerships
  • Find out where VCs are planning to invest and what they're looking for in potential business relationships
  • Engage with the latest innovations and start up technologies during future-focused Technology Pitching sessions
  • Take a seat at the table and engage in roundtable industry debates with investors, start-ups and established food and technology brands
  • Unlock new business opportunities: Plan your event and schedule one-to-one meetings in advance

Having attended Future Food-Tech London 2016, I speak from experience in saying this is lively, interesting and engaging event in a field that cannot help but capture the imagination. It is not to be missed. To register please visit

For more information please visit or email Stephan Groves at Rethink Events: