Sciad, Medherant & Ibuprofen Patches

Tue, 15/12/2015 - 10:15

The Sciad team was pleased to see all the recent coverage of Medherant and their work with the University of Warwick to develop an Ibuprofen patch based on Medherant's novel patch technology. Sciad has been working with Medherant to develop their branding and a name for their patch technology, to help Medherant better market their product to researchers and pharmaceutical companies as a drug delivery platform.

Superficially similar to a nicotine patch, Medherant's new technology allows for drugs previously unviable for use in a patch to be delivered across the skin. Compared to currently used patches and gels, Medherant believe they can provide drug loads that are up to 5 times higher. In the case of Ibuprofen, topical applications are currently limited to gels. A patch offers a controlled and consistent dosage over time, something nigh impossible to attain with a gel.

Whilst the final product is still some time away, we're very excited to see Medherant go from strength to strength. All we're wondering now is: What application will they find for their patch technology next?