Global clinical trial into Effects of Pimobedan in dogs with Cardiomegaly (EPIC) concludes

Mon, 16/03/2015 - 18:10

London, UK, 16th March 2015 / Sciad Newswire / Evaluation of Pimobendan In dogs with Cardiomegaly caused by preclinical mitral valve disease (EPIC) global study led by Royal Veterinary College Professor Adrian Boswood concludes.

Clear evidence of benefit of Pimobedan in global clinical trial.

On 1st March 2015 the EPIC study was terminated. EPIC, standing for “Evaluation of Pimobendan In dogs with Cardiomegaly caused by preclinical mitral valve disease”, was a prospective double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of pimobendan in the prevention of the onset of signs of congestive heart failure in dogs with cardiac enlargement secondary to pre-clinical myxomatous mitral valve disease. Termination was undertaken with the unanimous agreement of the lead investigators (Professors Adrian Boswood, Sonya Gordon and Jens Häggström) following the advice of an independent interim analysis committee.

The interim analysis was conducted with a number of pre-specified stopping criteria, agreed in consultation with an independent statistical consultant, and was concluded on the 16th of February 2015. The interim analysis indicated that there was clear evidence of benefit of the administration of pimobendan in prolonging the time to the primary endpoint of the study, which was a composite of the development of left-sided congestive heart failure, or death presumed to be cardiac in origin. The interim analysis did not raise any concern over the safety of pimobendan administration.

Full and final results of the study are expected at a later date.

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Please note – quantitative analysis of these results will not be discussed until the full results are available.