Bio and Pharma Integrates 2020: Live Online 16 & 17 November 2020

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 10:30

Bio Integrates 2020 – Monday 16 November, Live online

London, UK, 11th November 2020 / Sciad NewswireFollowing the success of last year’s inaugural event, Life Science Integrates is delighted to announce the second Bio Integrates conference, with headline speakers, Steve Bates, CEO of UK Bio Industry Association and Sean Marett, Chief Business & Commercial Officer, BioNTech

Addressing the needs of innovative companies developing the therapies of tomorrow, this one-day conference provides a unique forum to discuss the major challenges impacting the sector and presents an opportunity to engage with top executives in biotech, CDMO, supply chain, and funding and investment.

Martino Picardo, Chairman of Discovery Park, will start the day, which features a stella line up of over 90 speakers, among them, the Chief Executives of Oxford Biomedica, Crescendo Biologics, C4X Discovery, Phoremost, QuayPharma, Orphan Reach and Stevenage Bio Science Catalyst.

Three tracks of panel discussion and debate will focus on three key themes:

TREATMENT: The biotech sector is known for developing innovative treatments such as gene therapy, immunotherapy and drug delivery alternatives; but is this cost effective? How can companies address the high cost of such technologies and ensure patient reach?

GROWTH: Positioning for growth is vital to business survival. Are biotech companies asking themselves the right questions when looking to the future? How should biotechs tackle business development, recruitment, location and marketing, in order to appeal to investors and their target market?

STRATEGY: From accessing capital to selecting the right CDMO and planning an exit strategy, how do you build strategies for success? Can building in diversity de-risk the programmes, platforms and products?

Members of the press can register as full delegates for Bio Integrates by clicking here

Pharma Integrates 2020 – Tuesday 17 November, Live online

Now in its ninth year, Pharma Integrates brings together senior decision makers and leaders across the pharmaceutical pipeline, to address their needs, share insights and create debate on topics that will ultimately influence patient outcomes.

This year’s speakers and agenda are arguably the most exciting we have had in recent years and reflect a year of unprecedented challenges in the global healthcare landscape. 

Speakers include:

John Tsai, Head of Global Drug Development & Chief Medical Officer, Novartis; Andrew Plump, President – Research & Development, Takeda; Sir Mene Pangalos, Executive Vice President, BioPharmaceuticals R&D, AstraZeneca; Hugo Fry, Managing Director, Sanofi UK; Mark Buswell, Vice President, Vaccines Tech, GSK; John Dawson, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Biomedica.  

Four tracks of panel discussion, debate, interviews and workshops will focus on three themes:

TRENDS: Recession; a global pandemic; Brexit – it’s fair to say the events of the past decade have shaped the pharma industry landscape. How has it responded to these challenges and how can it make the most of future opportunities? How will innovation in product quality, manufacturing and working practises drive future productivity?

TREATMENT: With an ever increasing focus on personalised medicines, what strategies are we putting in place to ensure new drugs hit the 5Rs? Are we maximising clinical data? What does this mean for rare diseases?

TECHNOLOGY: How are tech giants and pharma companies collaborating to drive innovation in healthcare? What are the large pharma companies really looking for when it comes to new technologies, and at what stage will they pay for them? Is pharma manufacturing making the most of the digital revolution? Will COVID-19 change all of this?

Members of the press can register as full delegates for Pharma Integrates by clicking here

Two Conferences – one ground-breaking platform

The team at Life Science Integrates - producers of Bio Integrates and Pharma Integrates 2020 have invested in ground-breaking technology in order to stage these events and to ensure that participants are able to make the most of their conference experience:

Executive Director – Samuel Thangiah says “Our digital networking space offers real-time, face-to-face engagement, which maximises chance encounters with other attendees. When entering the networking lounge, attendees are automatically allocated a table, and by just switching on their camera and mic, they can have a face-to-face video chat with others on that table. They also have the option of moving around the room, to any table of their choice, all at the click of a mouse.

He continues “There’s also the opportunity to live chat or video call our sponsors and partners, and to arrange 1-2-1 video meetings with any of the delegates and speakers all through our event management software.”


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